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Yasin Karaman

CEO & Founder at SolidQore

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We design and develop world-class applications that give you the most innovative Cyber Security.

The most dangerous cyber threats are not only those from anonymous hackers. Some of them are caused by vulnerabilities within a company.Like the industrial sensors, which are vulnerable to DDoS attacks and unauthorized access. We understand that and so we determined to develop Software that actually cares about your Cyber Security.


Start now to secure your online privacy, your private and sensitive information on the World Wide Web.

SolidQore Security Suite is a secure application that stores all of your sensitive data like credentials, credit card information, confidential data, notice, file attachment, and contracts in the three times encrypted and hashed in our private Blockchain.

Say Hello to the Most Innovative Security Suite with integrated Vault Manager that cares for your data privacy.

The brilliance of our Security Suite with integrated Vault and Password Manager lies in the fact that it uses Blockchain technology to strengthen security features, even as it solves limitations inherent in traditional password managers.

Vault Mananger

Vault Manager
SolidQore Vault Manager is a secure application that stores all your sensitive data. Like credentials, credit card information, confidential data, notice and file attachment, and contracts.


Blockchain technology protects user data from leaks, identity theft, and hackers by hiding the users’ data behind a layer of encryption. SolidQore is the best-encrypted password vault that assures your data security from hackers and other prying eyes.

No Data on our Server

No Data on our Server
No personal information about the user is ever saved in the cloud, and no matter how many times you use our Vault Manager, you can always feel safe that your information will never be compromised.

Be safe in the Internet and Technology of the Future.

We design and develop world-class applications to give you maximum Cyber Security on the Future Internet.






Blockchain Nodes

Made in Germany

Blockchain-based Encryption and Security

Blockchain technology ensures protection against any possible data leaks, identity theft, and the dangers of hacking by completely concealing the user’s detail from outside threats and attackers.

Intuitive Design

Our user-friendly interface is not complex! Instead, it is straightforward, providing quick access to features and commands. A professional user interface is well-organized to make it easy for the user to locate and find all functions and options.


The decentralized framework for the Vault Manager does not require any backup of the Vault Manager database, unlike many password managers.

High Quality

It stores data and files such as login credentials, usernames, passwords, credit card information, sensitive information, text, and files. And it has the most advanced encryption technology, and it is also based on blockchain technology.

High Security

The brilliance of our password manager lies in the fact that it uses blockchain technology, which helps bring additional security features and overcome the limitations of the popular password managers that are being used currently.

No Database

No user credentials are ever saved in our clouds. The user neither needs a local database to store the data when using our password manager, which gives extra security against any cyber threats.

Join the revolution of Cyber Security

And begin to secure your sensitive data on the Internet.